About us

About Us

Novae Stone is a global asset management company specialized in offering portfolio management and advisory services to clients with wealth in the path of growth. As a rising star and a nominee of the Canadian Business Awards (2021) in the real estate management industry, Novae Stone was founded in 2019 and quickly established and grow an institutional quality real estate portfolio earning superior risk-adjusted returns in the North American commercial real estate market.

Novae Stone has built an elite team of experienced professionals with extensive expertise navigation multiple markets, including senior investment advisers, business consultants, accountants, legal advisers, project managers, etc., that continuously deliver sustainable return for our clients. The company has launched Canadian-based offices in Vancouver and Halifax to better serve clients across the nation. Novae Stone is expanding its operation internationally by offering services in the U.S. and South-East Asia.

Novae Stone prides itself on being a pivotal role that delivers world-class investment service and global opportunities that offer exceptional value to our clients. We continuously provide our clients with outstanding quality services, aiming to improve sizable profit and leverage our close and long-term relationships.

Company Vision

A global vision and worldwide performance — Our sharp insights with experienced professionals of Novae-stone enable us to provide expertise and stable returns for our clients. 

A global expansion with strength in Asia — Asian wealth keeps growing at an ever-increasing pace, and we are here to provide our potential Asian clients with investment opportunities. Our worldwide reach, industry expertise and strength make Novae-stone to be your ultimate wealth management server.

Company Value

We Delivery For Our Clients — We’re driven by our commitment to deliver exceptional services and experience to our clients. We value our strong customer relationships, and everything is about taking care of our clients.

We Make It Great — We deliver a high standard of excellence in everything we do, staying focused on the biggest opportunities to be meaningful to our clients.

We Respect People — We are a diverse and inclusive company and serve diverse clients. We try our best to make each of us feel included and valued and make our clients trust our company and our staff.